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(1) Weather permitting the U11/ U13 and U15 programs will start ~ mid March, 2022

(2) The Girls Learn to Play Program will start ~ April 4th, 2022

(3) The season will end on Sunday June 12th

(4) The schedule for each age group may be found in the "Team" horizontal tab toward the top right part of the home page. 

All changes to the schedule will be automatically emailed to all participants and their parents.  

(5) Games for the U11/ U13 and U15 are played on Sundays. The travel schedule will be posted on the site soon- gmaes are expected to be on April 3, 10, 24, May 1, 8, June 5 & 12.         

 50% of the games are played at home on Nantucket and the other 50% are played off-island.

 The NSL program attempts to avoid conflicts with other sports to the maximum possible extent. 



We want players to communicate directly with their coaches as it relates to concerns/ questions regarding playing time, positions and other lacrosse related issues. The goal is to create a storng communicational link between players and their coaches and to empower players to advocate for themselves.

* Parents should communicate any health related issues such as allergies, asthma, ADD/ ADHD, diabetes etc. directly with their coach as they see fit

* If parents have any issues with a coach, they shoud contact the head of the Boys Program after first observing a 24 hour waiting period

*Please be respectful of the time and dedication of the coaching staff- their goal is to create a fun learning experience for your daughter.      



~ Protective eye gear or helmet, mouth guard, footwear (cleats)  and lacrosse stick